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  1. L.S.,

    I have upgraded to Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 which comes with a free half year Parallels Access account. I have no plans for using Parallels Access, and there therefore is no need for Parallels Access to start each reboot. I however am unable to work out how to stop Parallels Access from starting each reboot, it does not show up in my login items. Anyone who knows how to stop Parallels Access from starting each reboot?

    Wil Dieteren
  2. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this because I have the opposite problem, mine doesn't automatically start. Might help solve my issue as well. Just putting that out there. Thanks.
  3. Parallels Access not included in Startup Items.. seemingly a poor deployment

    Yes indeed, this is quite annoying and it appears since there is no Parallels entry in the Startup Items list in Mountain Lion, the developer is using a nonstandard way of managing the deployment. It is intensely annoying because we do not know what other mayhem the developer may be creating in our systems. This damned shovelware baloney is unacceptable.
  4. Delete the app from the Applications folder.
  5. And of course, having deleted the application, what's to say it won't automagically reappear and activate itself next time you upgrade ? See the Trojan thread.
  6. Quite right. I posted the Parallels official answer before I started looking deeper in to it. They have also installed Safari extensions so who knows what other liberties they have taken.
  7. surprised and totally furious

    This is SO irritating. I don't know where people who don't know anything about computers in the first place would even start! I don't have time to track down "auto-installed / auto-start" programs that are hidden. I expect that of a crap-ware software program. I definitely didn't expect this from parallels...

    There are additional files that I found:
    .app (in Applications)
    .plist (~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels.Parallels Access. ____ )
    .plist.lockfile (~/Library...)
    .plist.sdb (~/Library...) (this might be where the 'auto' start is coming from)

    This is totally unacceptable. I know when I installed I did not want to pay $80/yr for somethingI have only accessed in the past to see if it was working. I've been running parallels since 2008. I KNOW I would not have given permission to install subscription-ware or the trial-ware of something I did not intend to use.

    I think the Safari extension has been there from past installs.

  8. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    I removed the parallels stuff from both the library/launchagent and library/launchdaemon. That has stopped it from auto launching. I haven't tried to see if it still works without those files running though basically because I rarely have a use for it. Which is why I won't buy a subscription.

  9. They should have let the user decide whether or not to autostart... Never-the-less, Thanks!
  10. Thanks very much for the information. I have happily deleted the files you mention to stop th crap shovelware the Parallels marketing jackasses foisted on us. What 3D losers.

  11. FYI - they've put out a new version, this one asks before installing Access.
  12. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    That doesn't fix the problem of it auto starting, does it? I would rarely, and I mean rarely use PA and I don't need it running all the time. I removed the 4 files that make it auto run, but that breaks the app so it doesn't work at all. So I removed all of it.
  13. Yes that's true - but at least new users will be less likely to be caught out.
    I have an open support ticket about this, and I've suggested they should produce a KB article on how to completely remove the Access program.
  14. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    Actually they should have a remove/uninstall option since they don't write that app to follow rules.
  15. That's true - peraps you should open a support ticket ? The more feedback they get, the more likely they are to fix it.
  16. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    I have about 3 open already and have gotten no answer on them. I had one for the PM app they killed since it was released, they never answered that one either.
  17. Quick question: Does the new version that asks if you want it installed have the Access "App" still in the program you install on your computer or does it completely remove the Access part ?
  18. AFAICT from the documentation that's been put out, the current version of the installer asks before downloading and installing the access component. However, this is only asked once, and it doesn't look like there is an uninstall option if you change your mind (or were caught by the auto-install in the initial version of the program).

    What's more worrying is the number of responses I've had from their support stating "it is not a trojan". I get the impression that some of their people "get it", while others, after all the complaints, still don't see what the fuss is about !
  19. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    The main problem I see with the auto install fix that they did is it doesnt fix the autorun feature. There is no way to stop it from running, other then killing off the scripts that start it, but doing that also means when you run the program it doesnt work. So why bother even making the program show up if it does nothing?
  20. Solved... I don't like arbitrarily deleting files when you don't know what other things they do, so I found where the app launches and just disabled it. Do the following at your own risk:

    Open a terminal and:
    > cd /Library/LaunchAgents/
    > sudo vi
    enter your password to enter vi

    On line 17 change the "<true/>" to "<false/>" (which is the toggle for "RunAtLoad")

    If you don't know vi:
    put the cursor over the t in true
    press "i" to put it in insert mode
    type "false" and delete the "true" part (but don't delete the final "/>")
    hit the esc key to get it out of edit mode
    type "wq" to save and quit.

    Parallels Access will no longer autostart on boot, and hopefully the file won't be overwritten/replaced on the next update.

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