Where is the Parallels Tools Sound Driver??

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  1. Using PArallels Desktop 3.0 build 5600 on a Macbook leopard to run Windows 95. There is no sound in the guest OS and installing parallels tools did not fix this. I loaded the vmtools.iso image into the virtual cdrom drive in windows and looked in the drivers/sound folder, but there is no sound driver on the disk image anywhere. The sound folder only has a folder for OS2. Can someone tell me how to install a sound driver?

    As a workaround in Windows i "Created new hardware" a soundblaster 16 and installed the driver from my Win95 CD, but the sound is horrible (pops and crackles) and it actually freezes some aps when running.

    Parallels Tools is supposed to include an AC'97 sound driver..it would be nice if it existed. Can someone please advise?
  2. It seems that with Windows 98 you have to install the sound driver manually from C: Program Files/Parallels/Parallels Tools directory which is created after installing Parallels Tools. I installed parallels tools (several times now). In that directory there are only two things: the aprallels Tools application icon and a "Video" folder containing the Prlvideo.inf driver. There is nothing for sound whatsoever.

    The mystery continues.

    I REALLY feel like this should be an easy one to answer...
  3. the problem is you are using a legacy OS no longer supported by Microsoft

    Hugh W
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    Windows 98 is supported under Parallels, just check your Parallels Desktop User Guide for 'Installing Windows 98 as a Guest OS' and follow the instructions there, more specifically, the ones about Installing Parallels Tools.

    If you still have no sound, the sound driver is just AC'97, so if you can get that sound driver from somewhere else, like... here, it should work.

    Edit: I looked inside Parallels Tools iso file and didn't find the sound drivers there, probably because Windows already comes with those (for AC'97) and it should install automatically.
    I think you should uninstall any sound devices from Win98, reboot, and let Windows find the hardware and install them itself. Of course, if you can't find those in Windows itself, use the link I provided.
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  5. No. A revision in the build of Parallels should not have eliminated the sound drivers necessary for Windows 95 if they were present in previous builds of Parallels. This has nothing to do with Microsoft. If Parallels support Windows 95, then its emulation software should also provide the necessary drivers for the hardware Parallels is emulating.
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    Nothing is eliminated, please see Parallels Desktop for Mac user guide
    on page 88
  7. John, page 88 includes a table that indicates a Parallels Tools version for Windows 95 and other versions, but does not mention anything about sound drivers. Page 87 mentions that PTools includes an AC'97 compatible sound driver, but still no information for where it's located.

    To reiterate, installing parallels tools did not install any sound driver into Win95, nor is any sound driver for Windows found on the vmtools.iso image or in the C:/Program Files/parallels/parallels Tools directory after Ptools installation. As far as I can tell this thing doesn't exist.

    I downloaded and installed a 3rd party AC97 sound driver for win95 and it is an improvement, but still in certain apps is horrible (pops and clicks beyond usability). I am inclined to think that the Parallels sound driver would most likely work best while using Parallels...

    If only the driver existed...Can noone chime in and tell me where this thing is located? if it should have been installed automatically w/ Parallels tools, why didnt it?
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  9. I have the same problem, want to install/use WIN 95, and have managed to make the network and video work. The provided drivers work perfect. As for sound, there is NO driver provided. And BTW, page 88 in the attached manual states that there is support for Audio ... I have been a Parallels customer since version 2.0, and I have a copy of every single installer file - and none comes with the audio drivers. I currently have version 5 and have not updated to version 6 (I plan to do so until you guys post a solution to this problem). Where can I get a copy of the audio / sound drivers for Windows 95 ? Is this compatible or not ?
  10. I have noticed that this question remains unanswered. Does Parallel's support audio in Windows 95 or not?
  11. Wondering the same. I know I had sound in Windows 98 until I upgraded to Parallels 6 this winter, if that helps. And now Windows 98 is totally useless (keep your guffaws to yourself -- I really wanted to play Woodruff and the Schnibble).
  12. The sound driver is just AC'97, you can download it from the web.[​IMG]

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