Win7 VM disappeared

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MacFarland, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Macbook Pro, OS x 10.6
    I had several windows open, including Win7 VM. Response became snail-slow. Finally forced close most, then shut down.
    Now, Windows 7 VM can't be found; Parallels wants to install new Windows. I can't find any trace of Win7 on disk.

  2. YanaYana

    YanaYana Parallels Support

    Search in Spotlight the following line : ".pvm" it will find all pvm files on your hard drive.
    Usually VMs are in /User/Documents/Parallels/ or /Users/Shared/Parallels/
  3. Having Same Issue

    I'm having the same issue - VM seems to have disappeared. I can see the Windows 7.pvm file (just under a Gig) in the Users/Shared area, but when I double click to activate, it starts Parallels Desktop but the startup screen says that No Boot Device is Available.

    I can see in the Applications folder a folder (Windows Applications for Windows 7) that seems to be a link to all of the Windows applications that I used to use on the VM, but I can't see where it really resides.

    And assistance gratefully received - I have my MacBook out far from my homebase, where the Windows disk is located.
  4. YanaYana

    YanaYana Parallels Support

    YOu VM is corrupted. Windows installation need to be repaired - and as you have already noted - you will need Windows CD in order to try to fix it:

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