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  1. Hi,

    I tried to install windows 7 enterprise using Parallels but it failed.

    It seems that Parallels tries to install windows but then windows comes back with an error stating that
    the AntwortDatei (answering file) includes a wrong Product ID. But I typed in the correct Product ID
    in the beginning were Parellel requests for it.

    Do I have to create an AnsweringFile and if so where and how does it look like?
    Is it not possible to install Windows 7 Enterprise?

    Thanks Andreas
  2. avanish321


    I did notice this error. But this can be avoided if you do not use the express install mode.
    Disable express install, skip the part where you need to enter activation key initially.
  3. Mark technology

    Mark technology

    windows 7 professional

    is there a separate procedure for installation for windows 7 professional?
  4. kyliej

    kyliej Banned

    Do you need to enter a product key when installing Windows 7 Enterprise.
  5. avanish321


    For enterprise editions, if the normal installation does not work, try to install manually by disabling the express installation.

    Refer :

    section : Install Windows to Virtual Machine : step 3 .

    If you disable express install, you should be able to install windows enterprise.

  6. cudahy


    Hello guys,
    If you intend to use either of the first two methods, be sure your computer can boot from a DVD (most newer computers support booting from a DVD drive). Doing so might require changing the drive boot order in the BIOS or CMOS, but try it first as-is. With no floppy disk inserted and a clean hard disk, try the DVD drive next. The Windows 7 DVD is bootable and should run the Setup program automatically.

    Installation takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your machine. Refer to the following sections if you have questions about any steps in this process.

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