1848 is only stable version, other resets the mbp

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by hanu, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. hanu



    I have noticed, that 1848 is the only stable version I can use. Other versions seems to crash my macbook pro.

    The crash happens while changing the screen mode (from console to full or vice versa) or starting the terminal server client.

    The crash is like someone would have pressed the reset button (Of course there is no reset button on mbp). The screen just goes blank and system starts once again. There is no marks on the logs regarding the reason of the reboot. Just standard events on log telling the system is booting up...

    The only thing that is same is the virtual machine (Windows XP SP2) and the OS. I have uninstalled the previous versions of parallels and removed any single file referring to the parallels. Have resetted the nvram and done other tricks to get the system stable with the newer versions.

    Inside the Windows XP I have either upgraded or uninstalled and done clean installation of Parallels tools.

    I really would like to use bootcamp and usb2 support, but I'm stuck with the 1848.

    Does anyone else has similar problems?

    The versions I have tested are:
    1884, 1940, 1970, 3036, 3094.

    I'm going to test next the 3106 by doing the basic things:

    1. copy the virtual host file and configuration file to external disk
    2. uninstall parallels
    3. remove any files found by: find / -iname *\parallels\*
    4. install 3106 version of parallels
    5. start the VM and upgrade the parallels tools.
    6. keep the fingers crossed and hope that the system would not crash this time
  2. drval


    I have a MCP C2D and have encountered no problems after installation with 3106. I even have USB and multiple displays working well -- a few wish list items re: how they're working, but they are working.
  3. Rich White

    Rich White

    I had the exact same problem with my MBP. It turned out to be a hardware problem with VRAM. I ended up getting it fixed under warranty (new motherboard). It took some convincing on my part since all hardware tests passed. I have the 256MB VRAM option by the way... My guess was that Parallels must be using more VRAM in versions later than 1848.

    Try running the demo version of "Call of Duty 2" at a high resolution (1024x768 or higher). This also caused my MBP to reboot.
  4. hanu


    VRAM (Total): 256 MB
    2.16GHz CD / 2GB RAM

    I'll download the Call of Duty 2 today. At least it's a good reason to have a little game session ;)
  5. hanu


    Got a new logic board. I'll install latest rc, and we'll see if the crashes are history...

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