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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by macgebruiker, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. macgebruiker


    I have 2 displays and like to have all windows stuff in coherence look on my secundary display. I have now a setup that does that (the trick probably was setting a checkmark in customize/use mult. displays).

    At logon this is all started and all is in the right place. There remains however 1 big problem!

    The taskbar is (either at top or bottom) one large ugly thing that crosses both displays.

    How do I get he taskbar in normal proportions and on the secundary display?
  2. MBarnwell


    you may want to abandon booting up directly into coherence mode for just starting in the regular OS window...i am in a similar setup to yourself. once all the booting is said and done, make sure parallels is fully on the 2ndary display and click the coherence button...i know its an extra step in your boot process but it should work out fine.

  3. I haven't seen this

    I have two 30" displays. Windoze is in coherence mode on the second display. The taskbar is only on the second display (not across both screens). On each restart Windoze restores properly - in coherence mode - on that second monitor.

    In short, I've never seen your problem. If you want, I can email you some screenshots of all my settings (or you can send me yours) and we can compare.
  4. macgebruiker


    See included screenshots. What happens ith these settings is:

    Parallels opens in Coherence mode on primary display, I switch to OS-Windows mode, drag it acros to secundary display and set to coherence mode again.

    My iMac screen is defined as primaryscreen (left in the system prefs) and the one where it should all happen is the screen on the right aka sec. display.

    Hope these are the shots you meant.

    Thanks for all the help you can give.

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