2022 IPad Pro accessing a Windows 10 desktop - blurry / fuzzy display

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by SimonW16, May 8, 2022.

  1. SimonW16

    SimonW16 Bit poster

    I have a brand new M1 IPad Pro with Parallels access installed so that I can access my PC. My PC is a Windows 10 machine. Both Are connected to an 802.11AC wifi network at approx 1200Mbs.

    When I open an application via Parallels Access on the Ipad the view is fuzzy / blurry. For example, if I open VS Code the text is so blurry as to be impossible to work with for more than a minute. Things are barely readable.

    I've looked for quality settings on both the Ipad and the Win10 desktop, but nothing seems to be apparent. What can I do to improve the resolution of the image being transmitted / displayed to the Ipad?
  2. Asish

    Asish Staff Member

    Hello, Kindly refer to this KB article to fix it.
  3. SimonW16

    SimonW16 Bit poster

    Asish - The KB Article is for fixing issues on a Mac.
    My post text and title specify Windows 10.

    The KB article does not address how to fix the issue with Windows 10 since all the screenshots and instructions are for a Mac.
  4. Nazeemabanu@P

    Nazeemabanu@P Moderator

    Hello @SimonW16, We have been following you up on your support ticket #3475489. Kindly check the email and revert for additional assistance. Thanks.
  5. StefanH26

    StefanH26 Bit poster

    I have the same problem on 2022 iPad accessing Windows 10. Is there any general workaround?

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