2X MDM-IPads partially reporting to the MDM admin portal

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    We have an issue with Ipads and minis. We follow the steps ad instructions from 2x MDM site on creating a push certificate and installing the 2x(3CX MDM app)app unto the Ipads ( we did not receive any errors during the setup process). After we have successfully registered the ipads within the MDM admin portal and now starting the MDM app on the Ipads, the icon does not turn to green on the apple tablets, it stays yellow and it states" client is connecting" and it just stays there. We've made sure that the GPS and network tracking features are turned on on the tablet device, but it still show up with the yellow icon on the tablet , it never goes green. Also in the admin portal, the device status is orange (indicating that the device GPS/ client is not running on the tablets). The icon in the admin portal does not go green as well. We can still to some point manage the Ipads, but we don't have the ability to locate the tablets, nor some other features, but we can control other parts within the tablets. When we contact 2X support and spoke with the head engineer, he was puzzled as well.

    the Ipad IOS is 7.1.1 and the 2x MDM (3CX MDM client ) client is 7.54 (it's the latest version of the app according the their engineers). Has anyone else experience this issue setting up Ipads and Ipad minis with 2x MDM hosted version.
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