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    Has anyone had any luck with getting Steam games to work under Parallels 3.0? I see that Half-Life 2 is supposed to be supported but I'm not having any luck actually launching the game under XP. Steam seems to run fine and the game seems to be downloaded all the way but when I try and actually launch it from the games menu, it shows the "Starting game" dialog and then just sits there and nothing happens.


    MBP 15", 1 gig Ram (512 to XP under Parallels [is this enough?])

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. xaoslaad


    try running dxdiag and look on the video tab to see that D3D and DirectDraw are enabled. If not you may need to enable DirectX support within the vm configuration. I was having this type of problem, and spaced out on it for a long time. I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly which page it is on in the config, but I'm booted into Boot Camp at the moment. Look on the memory tab (where you also configure the amount of video memory) as well as any others that might be 'usual suspects'
  3. informavore


    Having the exact same issue. Running Parallels 3 on a 17" Macbook Pro. dxdiag indicates that direct x isn't available:

    DDraw Status: Not Available
    D3D Status: Not Available
    AGP Status: Not Available

    Here's what it reports about my display drivers:

    Driver Name: PrlVideo.dll
    Driver Version: 3.00.4128.0000 (English)


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