1. buirseach

    buirseach Bit poster

    I'm still waiting for the free 3.0 upgrade.

    I've e.mailed several times over the last few weeks and been ignored every time.

    Has anyone actually recieved a fre 3.0 upgrade key?
  2. bluntman

    bluntman Junior Member

    I did. I faxed in all of the required documentation and received two emails from Parallels the next business day. The second email was the link to download version 3.0 and its appropriate key.
  3. buirseach

    buirseach Bit poster

    I've looked for, but haven't found any instructions.

    Parallels could have replied with some.

    Could you please give me the dtails of wht to do, or where to find what to do?
  4. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello buirseach
    Check your PM please.
  5. Levoy Hurley

    Levoy Hurley Member

    hey, Ankou - why didn't you just post the link to Nova?


    seriously - why all the secrecy? And why is it so difficult to find the upgrade information? I've been around the computer world long enough that this is probably not an accident.

    I'm a new Parallels customer and so far very happy with the product, but this Nova-Parallels thing is incredibly confusing to folks like me who've been around this stuff for awhile. I can only imagine what it does to a newbie looking for help. :mad:
  6. buirseach

    buirseach Bit poster

    lots of thanks to Ankou for the help and for resolving this.

    Seriously, you should kick the guys who're supposed to reply to e.mails up the ass, but you've been a star
  7. fromans

    fromans Member

  8. Walewein

    Walewein Bit poster

    Where's the link?

    I, too, have yet to receive any response about how to download the upgrade I paid for. I bought the upgrade to 3.0 on June 10, for pete's sake, had my card charged, then received an e-mail with the activation key and the news that Parallels would send me the link to download within 48 hours.

    Yeah, right.

    Nothing, nada, nichts. They don't answer e-mails, either.

    Can ANYONE help?

  9. Purplish

    Purplish Forum Maven

    You are very close. Look at the top of this page on the orange bar. Click "Downloads" Select Parallels Desktop for Mac. You should see a link that says, "Download DMG Package" Right click on it. Download it. Install it with your key. It will see your old version and install over the top of it.

    Remember to back up your .hdd files and .pvs files before upgrading. That will give you a path back to 2.5 if anything goes wrong.

    NOTE: This link is for the US version. If you need another country, ask again.
  10. Walewein

    Walewein Bit poster


    Many thanks for that tip, but in fact I HAD already tried it (found it elsewhere in the Forums). This time, however, it actually worked. So thanks again.

    But jezus pete, if only they'd send out a message saying to do this extremely counter-intuitive action, or post it on thier bloody website, they'd save their customers a great deal of frustration and themselves some crap. Though on second thoughts, they don't seem to care all that much about the crap anyway.

    Anyway, 3.0 is running happily on my machine now, and I can go back to translating from Dutch (who write all of their dictionary software for Windoze. They'd bite a frackin' penny in half...).

    Again, thanks for the tip.


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