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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dankell, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. dankell


    I've had a couple of problems with the 3036 Beta so want to revert to the 1970 settings and Bootcamp and give the guys a chance to get things sorted before I move up...

    Reinstalling 1970 seems to be working OK apart from some networking issues that may be related to the local network I am currently on, so I will chase those later.

    However Bootcamp is causing real problems.

    I am having the basic problem with the keyboard recognition, and whilst I can set the timeout in boot.ini to 5 seconds to get past menu 1, I have no way of moving past the second menu...

    How can I remove the Parallels settings from the Windows partition?

    Any solutions?
  2. jmizoguchi


    I also went back to 1970 because I was trying few appl for beta testing at the same time.. bad time to do this but I need to winodw to work.. I'm not ussing boot camp but when I went back to 1970. it pop up some error about protection etc and I could hit yes. it look like it will going to boot but never came up to windows logon. So I reinstall 3036 again and here we go boot up fine...

    I did manage to find out the one beta app I was testing didn't work anyway but other beta app from same company did work so maybe its something to do with beta app I was trying.

    It did irrated me that I couldn't go back to 1970build to boot windows
  3. bjq67


    Same problem. I can we downgrade from 3036 to 1970 ?
  4. domim


    The problem is related to Parallels Tools of 3036. Just boot Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall Parallels Tools. After reboot you can install the 1970 tools again.
  5. dankell


    Whilst I'd love to be able to remove Parallel Tools from Bootcamp the problem is that I cannot get past the second Black/White Menu screen as it sits there asking me to choose 1 or 2 options.

    Because the Keyboard isn't registering, the options cannot be chosen, and as far as I can see the menu doesn't time out on the other option...

    There's probably a Windows file that cn be hacked to get me further, but I cannot find it!
  6. timon


    You need to remove the Parallels Tools BEFORE you switch back to 1970.

    Always remove the Parallels Tools BEFORE changing any build, much safer that way.
  7. dankell


    Being unable to boot through Bootcamp was the reason I decide to revert back :)

    Managed to get into Windows by adding a USB keyboard to the Macbook. Whilst the USB keyboard had the same problem as the MacBook originally did, for some reason its presence activated the built-in keyboard!

    Removed PT and everyythings fine

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