3036 with Multiusers fatal windows errors

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rtraill, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. rtraill


    I have version 1970 installed with the hdd and pvs files in a folder in the shared folder. Permissions are changed so all users can read and write to these files. Any user can then access and run the parallels on the same image.

    This works well (any suggestions of a better way to do this are gratefully received). Upgraded to 3036, installed the latest version of tools, clicked on the green button to get it to completly fill the screen of my 24" iMac (not full screen mode). Opens and closes fine. Switch to a non-admin user and launch parallels and windows fails to open with a message that there is some damage and I need to start with the last functional version or safe mode etc. It opens once with the last version but restarting produces the same error messages. No way to get out of it.

    Replaced the hdd and pvs with functional backups, same problem recurrs.

    Revert again to the functional backup, uninstall 3036, reinstall 1970 and it all works fine again.

    I did not try doing it without resizing the window but something is corrupting a windows files.

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