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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by montylee, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. montylee

    montylee Bit Poster

    I have a MacBook Pro 2.33ghz with 2gb RAM. 3170 worked fine with Vista and I had no problems. I foolishly downloaded and installed 3188 and since then windows Vista no longer works. Per previous posts, not only is 3188 excessive on processing power, but it continually crashes (death) the Mac when I try and recover.

    For Vista, I get I get the Windows crash (http://forum.parallels.com/thread8895-11.html). It then gives me the option to boot Safe or normal. Regardless of the option, the boot works (most of the time), but trying to run ANY application results in the spinning Vista curor and/or the entire screen going snowy white with the spinning cursor. You cannot run anything. Parallels was saying that the tool was being installed, but after 12 hours it still said that and I restarted. I've gotten that to go away, but nothing else works. The compressor runs for 12+ hours with no results. Again, the only way to recover is a Restart. No program, including IE will run.

    Anyone know where to get 3170 so I can downgrade and see if I can recover? Or is there a fix for this? I tried calling for tech support but they never answer (I was caller #2). They certainly never respond to email (unless it is an easy answer probably).

  2. Jon Richardson

    Jon Richardson

    I'm running Vista Extreme on 3188 with absolutely no problem. In fact it seems to be quite quick.

    This is on an MBP with 1GB RAM (512 allocated to Vista) and running OSX 10.4.9.

    In fact Vista installed on a new Parallels 3188 VM in just under 40 minutes from inserting the DVD to it's final boot up. I thought this was quite fast.

    Anyone had any similar experiences?
  3. ksenks

    ksenks Parallels Developers

    montylee, I think solution of your problems is as follows:

    1) Start Windows in Safe Mode (Press F8 key during boot-up process and choose Safe Mode from the list).
    2) Uninstall Parallels Tools (on your Mac desktop go to the Actions menu on the top and choose "Install Parallels Tools..." The uninstallation Wizard will pop-up in Windows and lead you through the process).
    3) Reboot you Windows as you normally do.
    4) While Windows is running, install Parallels Tools again (on your Mac desktop go to the Actions menu on the top and choose "Install Parallels Tools..." The installation Wizard will pop-up in Windows and lead you through the process).
    5) Reboot Windows again.
  4. Parabola


    ksenks: I have run into one sitution with PDM Build 3186 where Un/Install Parallels Tools hangs and would not finish. The result was SafeBoot w/ Networking was fine, but normall boot would give BSOD. It appeared that the video driver was causing the BSOD. Note: this was an update of and existing VM Build 1970. My resolution was to ditch that VM and create a new one. This was the only 1 out of 6 to experience this problem.
  5. montylee

    montylee Bit Poster

    OK, I liked your idea and thought it was a good start. However, I guess after a MacOS X death screen (caused by Parallels) and several Vista reboots, I think the tool installation quit/failed as it is no longer saying "Installing....". Now it is back to the original "Install..." meaning the uninstall is not an option.

    So now that it is booting in safe mode (but still not working), do you know if I can now insert my Vista disk and do a re-install of Vista? Perhaps I can re-establish Vista back to a working condition. I don't want to trash the Parallels folder (created VM) because I've installed a couple critical programs. So do you think I can re-install Vista to get things working?


  6. Parabola


    That's not really the foolish part; I didn't see you mention imaging/backing up prior to this upgrade--that's the "foolish" part. Sorry, I know it doesn't help you at this point.

    To your last post: you would need to have been running a "roll-back" program or something. Otherwise, you could create a new Vista VM, run it concurrently w/ troubled VM (in Safe Mode w/ Networking) and attempt to access your troubled "C:" drive (via sharing somehow).

    Best of luck!
  7. Desng


    Parallels Build Update

    I could not get printing to work in parallels/VM, so wish to start from scratch with the following firsts
    (a) update my 'old' build 1970 to 3188
    (b) update Vista
    (c) update printer drivers
    then move on to resolve the printing issue

    However I can't even complete the first item, at the end of 1 h 45 min download, the message was "...download cannot complete due to time out or the download site has disallowed connection..." (something like that). Can anyone help?:mad:

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