3188 is a regression from 3186

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sydbarrett74, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. sydbarrett74

    sydbarrett74 Member

    Hi all,
    I first attempted simply to upgrade 3186 -> 3188, but ran into issues of squirrelliness with Vista. After that, I completely uninstalled Parallels and put on a fresh copy of 3188. I can only conclude that, despite the additional features of the newer build, it is a regression from 3186 in terms of general stability. Anybody else having the same experience?

    Mac Pro, 4GB
  2. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team


    It cannot be. The only change between 3186 and 3188 - updated bundled Kaspersky Internet Security. I suspect it is kind of accidental problem.
  3. Purplish

    Purplish Forum Maven

    My move from 3186 to 3188 was very smooth. Much smoother than 1970 to 3186.
  4. ricardo82

    ricardo82 Bit poster

    I have upgraded from 1970->3188. It's been a pain. I've tried everything but still continues to crash my windows. Any ideas?
  5. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    thanks to the millions of ways its possible windows will crash, saying "it crashes my windows, any ideas" isnt very helpful. Some kind of idea of errors, of a description of the problem, any event log errors, would be helpful.
  6. tom27

    tom27 Member


    after updating to 3188 I am no longer able to access my dongle USB key in Parallels.
    This has been mentioned in several threads for other users as well - and I would really appreciate to have feedback on this issue.

    So far not any of the questions posted regarding the "device is already used" error has been answered by the Parallels team - and since everything worked flawlessly in 3186, I suspect that it either has to do something with 3188 - or that Parallels is not OS X 10.4.9 ready.

    Sadly, I have recommended Parallels to a lot of people who use the same USB Dongle (from Hagiwara) with our software and nothing is working anymore...

  7. mschool

    mschool Member

    I have upgraded from 1970 to 3188, and other than the shock of a black console window (I had to re-boot in safe mode and install Parallels Tools) 3188 is da bomb. Coherence is amazing. And, my iSight camera is running on XP within Parallels. Got my money's worth fer sure.:)
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  8. doddylonglegs

    doddylonglegs Bit poster

    many issues...

    Ever since I've upgraded to 3188, I've been having many issues which being crashing when I used Acid. It crashes everytime I try to extend the music file which was working fine in previous version. I've been regretting it since and it may be now that I may have to try to completely re-install from scratch which is something I do not want to do. It goes into blue screen quite often and its the main reason why I am using the file. This has been an aweful experience thus far and wish there was an option to download the earlier version.
  9. dizzydeane

    dizzydeane Member

    Perhaps :) the upgrade to 3188 included a fix to USB "handler" to fix the iSight thing? The reason why is my belkin FLIP kmv used to work but now doesn't. I probably have to install the WimpXP USB driver.

    Likewise as I recall the unmentioned critical key step to a successful Parallels install is to Stop or ShutDwn Parallels BEFORE installing the new version. I forget who told me that on this forum, but my thanks to her. 3188 is GREAT ... sofah :). TANX!

    I hope this helps.

    PS: My only suggestion is to grey the "Install Parallels Tools" if already. And an opt out of Kaspersky unless Parallels gets $$. Then no problem.
  10. leoofborg

    leoofborg Junior Member

    I consider Kaspersky a downgrade. Some of my 'speed problems' went away after I -deinstalled- Kaspersky . I just run ClamWin and Microsoft Defender.

    Now, if we could nail down the occasional slowdowns, fix the issue with Nokia PC Suite, and then resolve why Parallels generates swap files for days when it has 2 gigs of my Ram to play with [WinXP, 256M ram, just using Acrobat and MSIE] -- I would like 2188 as much as I liked 1970.. I mean, really. 6 swap files in 30 minutes? Hmmm.

    Tall order I know. But for some of you, try de-installing Kaspersky and see if that helps. It did for me.
  11. runnin17

    runnin17 Bit poster

    If I want to upgrade from 3186 --> 3188 do I have to reinstall Parallels Tools in XP?

    I remember last time I had to do that it was a pain.
  12. fbronner

    fbronner Pro

    Hi runnin17,

    Yes you do have to reinstall the parallel tools.

    Make sure you do a shutdown of your VM machines before you do the upgrade.
    Make sure you reboot your MAC after the upgrade.
    Then restart your VM and reinstall the parallel tools.
  13. liven2

    liven2 Bit poster

    Possible fix

    We have had issues with Parallels crashing for some of our users here at work. We think this has something to do with the integration with the Apple Dock. I made the following changes to my Parallels preferences and I haven’t had any crashes since but I guess time will tell as it has only been a few days now.

    -Go to the Parallels Desktop menu, and choose Preferences
    -Choose the Appearance tab.
    -Un-check the following options:
    -Show applications in Dock
    -Show live screen shot in Dock
  14. RegAdmin

    RegAdmin Bit poster

    Syd! You post well for a dead man (July 11, 2006). ;)

    Anyway, I have a user whose last upgrade had been on 2/8/07 (don't have the build number). He installed 3188 and now the Windows OS requests to be re-activated. This had been a fully functional, activated OS. Before I go through the Microsoft gauntlet, any suggestions and/or preventive measures for next time? Thank you in advance.
  15. RegAdmin

    RegAdmin Bit poster

    Cold Feet: Reactivate Windows OS

    :cool: Error Message:
    Since Windows was first activate on this computer, the hardware on the computer has significantly changed. Due to those changes, Windows must be reactivated within 3 days. Do you want to reactivate WIndows now?

    Since it wanted to activate the Windows over the internet or telephone a customer service rep. - we went ahead and just did an "activate only" option, which worked.

    Therefore, this has not been a show stopper, just an inconvenience.


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