3188: Vista upgrade - missing Standard PC driver?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by zero88a, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Stevamundo


    They say no news is good news. However did that link work for you as it did for me?
  2. Lessien


    Resolving the "Standard PC" Problem

    I was also running into the "Standard PC" driver problem but resolved it this afternoon.

    I downloaded Vista from Windows Marketplace and so did not have a bootable DVD, which causes the "Standard PC" error, I believe. There are good instructions on how to create a bootable ISO (if you have all of the other Vista files) available here.

    Note: the actual command line should include forward slashes (i.e. "Vista\boot\etfsboot.com", "C:\Vista" and "C:\Vistax86.iso")

    Follow the directions posted earlier from Paul Thurott's site.

    With a bootable ISO / DVD, everything should work with no "Standard PC" driver missing error.

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