3810 seems to be working, so far ...

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MartinBear, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. MartinBear


    I upgraded my VM with the original release of Parallels v4, but then backed down to v3, 5608 due to a horrible upgrade/conversion process.

    I've now succeeded with v4, 3810. The upgrade process was'nt perfect, but in the end it worked:
    ** Phase 2 crapped out and insisted on going to manual mode, then bounced back into auto mode for phase 3 and 4.
    ** Phase 4 appeared to complete (progress bar at right) but didn't return to user, so I clicked on the padlock icon and watched as it churned away (surely it should be so hard as to adjust the progress bar properly ??).

    That aside, the new system works: boots rapidly, doesn't tie up a lot of CPU when not doing any work in Windows, internet access works fine, and USB (just tested Nokia PC Suite with mobile phone so far) also working sensibly.

    I hope Parallels will learn the lesson that much, much more beta testing is required before releasing a product. This version is usable. Let's hope that v5 will arrive with much less stress for everyone.

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