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    I have a number of disk image files from very old dos/windows 3.5" and 5.25" floppies. They were created on a Linux system using the dd command. While I can mount the image files directly on my Mac Pro and view them as network drives from my Windows VMs, I am interested in getting Windows to recognize them as floppies rather than mounted drives (some of the programs insist on running from A:). While I can use the 3.5" images as virtual floppy disk drives (A:), when I try the same thing with a 5.25" image, I get an error message "Unable to connect Floppy Disk 1".

    Is there a Parallels floppy disk driver that recognizes 5.25" floppy disk images (360K and 1.2M)?
    Is it possible to have more than one floppy disk device in a Parallels VM?
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    Unfortunately, Parallels does not support 5.25 floppies.
    But you can find programs to create virtual 3.5 floppies and move data from 5.25 to 3.5 and use that images in Parallels.

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