64-bit XP on MacBook? Slipstream?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by extensivegroup, Oct 5, 2006.

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    I have a client who ordered the 64-bit OEM version of Windows, which I'd thought would install as 32-bit on non 64-bit machines. Unfortunately, it's not the case. I'm getting the following error:
    Is there a way to slipstream the 32 bit version out of the CD?
  2. nivenh


    i think when you buy 64bit xp, all you get is 64bit xp. you have to purchase the 32bit version.

    the upshot is that if you buy the 32bit version, you can upgrade to 64bit for a very reduced price. going the other way, i think you're SOL.
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    Cool, I'll let them know. Thanks!
  4. 2SillyFlabbadors


    Article about SlipStreaming

    I have been trying, for 3 days, unsuccessfully to install Windows XP Professional x64 onto my new MacPro (Core 2 Duo). I finally got my boot disk to work only to have Parallel tell me that my CPU was not compatible with x64. I spoke to Apple and Intel to verify that my CPU could handle x64 - which I figured it had to because you wouldn't be able to run Vista on it either. After some research, I found this information on the internet. But I'm not really too technical and am really afraid of screwing it up. Here's the link I found about SlipStreaming and how to install XP as well as configure and get x64 to work efficiently on the MAC. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=231901

    Not sure I'll try it but I guess since Parallels tech support won't call you back for 3 days, I may not have much choice.
  5. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007

    Parallels does not support 64 bit XP and Vista at this point. So forget about it if what you want is to run XP x64 in Parallels. You should be able to install XP x64 via Boot Camp, although you may need to hunt for drivers yourself.

  6. CorpSuit


    I was able to install Vista and Windows XP SP 2, 64-bit version versions in BootCamp. But realized that Parallels did not support either so removed them. Furthermore, after some research I found that finding the 64-bit drivers for the Mac may be a bit problematic.

    Does anyone know the value of 64 over 32?
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  7. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

  8. ehurtley


    64-bit over 32-bit data inherently has no speed increase at all, all other things being equal. (In fact, as Eru mentions, the overhead of transferring 64-bits of data can, in fact, slow things down.)

    The big advantage in the case of the INTEL implementation of 64-bit is that 64-bit mode has more registers, so 64-bit mode can be faster because of the extra registers.

    So 64-bit mode on Intel has two benefits: More registers, and more memory.

    However, while some Mac hardware may support 64-bit mode, Mac OS X does not presently support the 64-bit mode for graphical applications, including Parallels. Among other things, this means that Parallels thinks you only have a 32-bit processor. (Even OS X was fully 64-bit aware, as Leopard will be, the Parallels people will have to write in the ability to virtualize as 64-bit.)
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    VMWare supports 64-bit XP :) But that's because I think the vmware product actually runs its vm in a console app which can be 64-bit.

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