8Gb Limit for Parallels Mac is unreasonable in 2022

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MaximB4, Feb 14, 2022.

  1. MaximB4

    MaximB4 Bit Poster

    Hello, I was an active user of Parallels for Mac for the last year, however, now I bought a new MacBook Pro and I find the limit of 8Gb of memory (ram + video memory combined) is absolutely unreasonable.
    I use VM mostly for gaming as many other users and 8Gb limit means I can't play any new games even with the lowest requirements. Moreover, considering how unstable Parallels for M1 and Windows 10 Insider Preview (I send crash reports all the time), upgrading to a Pro subscription is just not worth it. There are other cheaper alternatives with no limitations available and I am very disappointed in Parallels that I won't renew my subscription anymore with the current limitations.
  2. GampaA@Parallels

    GampaA@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello MaximB4, Please refer to the knowledge base article to change a virtual machine's memory (RAM) on Parallels Desktop. Thanks.
  3. Johnpy

    Johnpy Bit Poster

    I agree! 8GB is nothing! 16GB should be a minimum!
    Parallels solution is a ridiculously priced subscription. I understand having the subscription for services and updates but they lock simple necessities behind paywalls. They know 8GB is not enough so they rip you off with a one-time buy only to find that you just bought a very expensive demo. Consumers need to stop buying into this ridiculous subscription garbage for software like this. It encourages lazy development and produces a far inferior product. Consumers should only pay for updates if they need or want them. They shouldn't pay companies monthly in hopes that the product will work as intended, which it rarely ever does. I hope parallels come to their senses and raise these ridiculous limits on CPU and Memory for non-subscription customers. Until then I'm just waiting for an alternative product to run on my beast M1 machine.
    If anyone knows of any good alternatives to parallels for the 2022 M1 MacBook Pro hit me up.
  4. DebasmitaM@Parallels

    DebasmitaM@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, we are sorry to hear that. Kindly let us know if you are facing any issue.
  5. Aries@PF

    Aries@PF Kilo Poster

    Agreed, While I understand that many older Macs had a limit of 16 Gb RAM for the Host, there's no reason to limit the VM to 16 Gb beyond making it a bonus for paying for a subscription.
  6. Bhargava@Parallels

    Bhargava@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, by using Parallels Desktop Standard Edition you can assign up to 8GB of virtual RAM for each virtual machine and up to 4 CPUs whereas by purchasing Parallels Desktop Pro Edition you can assign up to 128GB of virtual RAM for each virtual machine and up to 32 CPUs. Please refer to the knowledge base article to know about the Parallels Desktop. Thanks.
  7. Aries@PF

    Aries@PF Kilo Poster

    That's not the point being made. The purpose of the OPs post was to point out that software has evolved to where even a standard user is being hampered by the limitations being discussed. If I were to Build a new machine, then the average physical RAM for that machine would be 16 Gb now a days because the OS can easily take up 4Gb on its own. When you take into account that Parallels appears to allocate its vGPU RAM out of the 8Gb limit, that doesn't leave much at all for apps to run in and the VM has to resort to using swap files which can bring it to a crawl. CPU wise, the current industry baseline is a quad core with hyperthreading, so even the 4 CPU limitation is behind the times. So realistically, I should be expecting an 8 core with 16 Gb vRAM from a home user version of VM software.

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