*_auto_file problem - can't associate file with application

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ZeeG, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I found lots of document files in my Windows VM are not correctly associated with their program. For example, PDF file doen't have its own icon, and when I double click the file, I cannot launch Acrobat to view the file. Instead, it just opens "file association window" to select application to open the file. - Of course, my windows has Acrobat installed.
    I just realized, the file type of many documents has changed something like "*_auto_file"
    For example, if the file's extention is pdf, the the file type of this document is pdf_auto_file.
    I believe, it is caused by "Smart Select" anyhow since I didn't have any issue like this before I installed Parallels 3.
    I want to know how to restore my file type database as it was. (or how to fix this problem)
    Actually it is possible to select an associated application for a particular file extention, but in this case, I only could get ugly document icon (you will see what I mean if you do this by yourself).
    I really like the new features in Parallels 3, but I also think this "Smart Select" is a big mistake. It not only breaks user's perception of the file system, but also the file system itself.
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    similar problem being discussed in this thread already

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