A few questions about running windows on mac!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Vancey, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Vancey


    Everytime that windows boots up on a pc it does all these checks and stores things and eventually it slows down, so when running it through parallels, where does all these hidden things get stored? as i dont want it to clutter up my mac!

    Also i have 4gb of RAM and when i open parallels, i have it so that i can open the windows "windows" within the mac screen and the available RAM drops to about 400mb when parallels is running, and there is a clicking noise from inside of the unibody, does anybody know the problem?

    late 2011
    2.2ghz quad core
    4gb 1333 ram
    500gb hard drive
  2. Levoy Hurley

    Levoy Hurley Bit Poster

    Well, the first thing you need to do regardless is max out that memory. It's cheap and you can easily install it yourself.

    The virtual machine OS resides inside that single big VM file, and that's where all the Windoze junk ends up.

    Can't help you with the noise, though I'm wondering if it isn't coming through the speakers?
  3. CrankyCoder


    The clicking might be your video card, though it depends on the card you have in your Macbook.

    It could also the the HDD dying. It depends on the clicking noise that it makes and where it's coming from in the unibody. If it's more on the right side, it could be your dvd drive or HDD. If it's more towards the left side, it would be the video card fan.

    I'd recommend adding another 4GB to your MacBook. I was able to up mine to 8GB myself, I got the ram from NewEgg and it cost a fraction of what it would have via Apple.

    Hope that helps somewhat.
  4. Vancey


    I looked online and people say that the noise is a ground connector that grounds it to the unibody, some people take it out as there is enough elsewhere!

    If its the hard drive how would you know? how long would it take? my macbook seems fine!

    i was thinking about putting more RAM in it maybe 16gb

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