A Parallels 4.0 freezing problem - SOLVED!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Jim Donnelly, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Jim Donnelly

    Jim Donnelly

    Hi all,

    My Setup Specs
    -Macbook Pro 17
    -CPU Dualcore 3.6 ghz (newest model)
    -4MB ram
    -Parallels 4.0
    -Single CPU
    -All sharing disabled
    -Guest OS: Windows XP (fully updated - SP3, etc.)
    -Installed Apps: MS Office Utimate 2007, Filemaker 8.5, Sunbelt Software Vipre (antivirus)
    -The Guest OS is joined to a network domain via ethernet cable.


    1. FREEZING: The VM was fine until login, whether into the network profile, or into the local admin account. After login, my performance slowed to a crawl. Once logged in, freezing occurred. The taskbar (configured to appear) either didn't show up at all, or showed up about 20 minutes to half hour after login in. Start menu froze when attempting to access. Programs either didn't activate at all (Outlook, etc.) or showed up a half hour or longer after activation. The disappearing taskbar problem occurred on convergence mode, window mode or full window mode.

    2. START MENU DID'T APPEAR: The start menu didn't appear when clicking on the start button on the Mac dock. The configuration menu appeared instead.


    As I see it, this was partly my fault, partly Parallel's fault. The problem was the result of my having installed my virus software of choice (Sunbelt Vipre), then later installing Parallel's "Security tools" powered by Kaspersky. I installed Parallel's security tools without taking a look at exactly what they were. If they had been referred to as Kaspersky "anti-virus tools," however, I would have steered clear of them. I also should have recognized the symptoms sooner. When I changed over the office I support from McAfee to Vipre not too long ago, I saw the same type of freezing occur. McAfee doesn't completely uninstall, even when you think it has, without a fight. On the other hand, there was no mention Parallel's "security" tools containing anti-virus software during the installation. The Parallel's crew may want to correct that. It would probably save them some headaches.

    Bottom line for those of you experiencing freezing problems, if you have installed an anti-virus program, together with Parallel's security tools, chances are this is the reason your freezing. Uninstall one or the other and you should be fine.
  2. estrelnikov

    estrelnikov Parallels Support

    It is not connected specifically with Parallels Internet Security. It is highly unrecommended to have more than one antiviral software/firewall installed simultaneously in general. Such configuration might lead to crashes, freezing and CPU overload on a regular PC as well.
  3. edeslaur


    Granted one tool doesn't do it all, but AV certainly is not one of those things you want 2 of running at the same time.

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