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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by j-active, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. j-active

    j-active Member

    The forum at this moment seems like quite a disaster with a lot of overlapping problems and questions. I hope it doesn't get lost how much your software has revolutionized computing on the Mac. I have finally been able to eliminate the extra Windows machines I had around to work and support PC development efforts using Parallels on the hardware platform (Mac Pro) that I prefer. Some of the problems that have surfaced are going to be tricky to solve, but I like most of your customers have a lot of confidence that you will get them resolved and deliver on the promise of the new beta. I just wanted to let you guys know there are a lot of people rooting for the team and say thanks for changing the way I work. I'm looking forward to the next release and really appreciate your hardwork.

    A Customer
  2. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    i'd just like to second this. I have Parallels running on a number of Macs in our office and everyone loves it... our Presales/Marketing and engineering departments rely on it heavilly for their day to day work.

    The forums right now have descended into chaos a bit due to the number of people jumping into the 3036 beta, without realising the implications of BETA. Also, the number of duplicate threads isnt helping either.

    Maybe you guys could split the forums into Official build and Beta build forums. Most of our office are on 1970, but a few of the more technical guys have switched to 3036 and are working around the issues they experience.

    All in all, top job Parallels. As the admin who has to look after these guys (and girls) i cant tell you how much easier my life has become!
  3. Joe Mac User

    Joe Mac User Junior Member

    Knock on wood, I haven't had the problems that many have posted here. For the most part, the software Just Works for me. I haven't tried the new beta, but I'm looking forward to when it's released. I love the way they're giving away these updates with new features, and it's also very cool the way Parallels is being very upfront about their plans for future releases and features.

    Keep up the great work, Parallels.
  4. Spike

    Spike Junior Member

    I'll join the chorus here. I've had a couple of minor hiccups with Parallels, and it still doesn't do every single thing I want it to. That said, I'm reminded practically every day how much easier and faster it is for me to do my job now than it was with my old PowerBook G4 running VirtualPC. Compiling for my Linux targets is literally ten times faster now. Heck, the Fedora virtual machine on my MacBook Pro is the fastest Linux box in our shop right now. Thanks to the Parallels team for all of their efforts.
  5. sixth

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    I will also join in on this, on my first post too! I decided I should just register and say thanks to Parallels and all the hard work they are doing with such an amazing product. I purchased a C2D MBP about a month ago and Parallels was the first program I installed. I now use the machine at work and I have no problems that most are decribing here on the forum. Coherence is AMAZING and being able to run everything that my IT job needs is really incredible. Keep up the GOOOD work!
  6. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    At this time I am using Parallels 1970 on my new Macbook. It works well. I am interested also in the new features offered in 3036 but I am not going to it until it is out of beta.

    I am typing this while Windows 2000 is busily updating in Parallels in the background. I had planned to try VMware for Mac when it is released but now I am having second thoughts.:)

  7. marc22

    marc22 Bit poster

    Me too

    I'm using Windows on mac since the first days. With Softwindows- Virtual PC and even with a Orange PC Pentium Card, but i was never so happy as i am with Parallels !!!

    thanks Guys !!
  8. Laser_jock

    Laser_jock Member

    Kudos to the folks at Parallels, especially with the quality of the 3026 beta. With the drag-and-drop file transfer capability and dynamic changing of the network adapter I am quite happy. Been running the 3036 beta since it's release on a MBP-C2D/2.33GHxz/3-GB machine and have not suffered any hiccups at all. I now await usb2 capability.

    Parallels, you are definitely doing a number of us a great favor who love our Macs but need to keep a reluctant foothold in the win-world.



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