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  1. H.Morikawa

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    I register 5 mac books (call A, B, C, D, E) to My parallels Access account.
    I could connect each A-E correctly until recently.
    But after updating to Sierra, confusion of recognition A and B was happened.
    In detail,
    When B is disconnected from remote access, I can connect A by selecting A on my iPad.
    But when B is connected, My ipad is connected to B even if I select A.
    And as usual, I can connect B by selecting B on my iPad.

    So if I need to connect A, I always have to disconnect B from parallels access account.

    This issue is kept even after re-register these 2 computers, A and B to my account after deleting both.
    B is on the same home LAN as ipad, but A is outside the LAN.

    Can you help me on this issue?
  2. Hey, are you using the latest version of Parallels Access? If not, please upgrade and check.
  3. Please let us know the results.
  4. H.Morikawa

    H.Morikawa Bit poster

    I am using latest version of Parallels Access with latest version of Sierra.
    It still doesn't work well.
    Is there any other tips worth trying ??

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