Access multiple desktops remotely?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EfManager, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Its fairly simply to set up the port forwarding rules in a router to direct the Parallels Access to my desktop.

    But what if I have several users, each using an Ipad wanting to connect to their own desktops?
    Not to mention, 443 is a commonly used port.

    The only way to do that, is to define unique ports in the iPad client application, and forward them correctly to their own desktop. But there are no settings in the iPad to do this.
    Of course another option is to create a VPN, but I do not have one.
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    Technically you shouldn't have to open ports, that why Parallels Access requires you to log in with your info. Then when you run the client software on the iPad it connects to their server, checks to see if your PC/Mac is online and connected, the established the connection. If you have to open ports then why pay.
  3. EfManager


    Thanks, I just figured that out too, I had assumed it connected directly client to host, but in fact its client > parallelscloud > host, and the host is maintaining the live connection to the parallels cloud.
    I imagine it knows which host desktops the client can connect to from the AppleID.

    Its also important not to forward the ports on the router which I initially did. All I needed to do is permit incoming access on those ports to any IP in the Lan, e.g.
    Allow - Any TCP - From any host in wan - To any router IP at port 443 on this device

    I know thats what the Knowledge base article said, but its not what I read :)

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