Access on iPad unable to connect to remote Mac sitting on MacOS login screen

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by EngineerBill, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Parallels Access on iPad does not connect if Mac has had a power outage. In Sys Prefs the Mac is set to restart on power outage, which it does, and sits at user login screen (there are multiple user accounts on this Mac). Access on iPad is set to request Mac username and password, which it does. Then the iPad presents a spinning-spoke wheel on black background, and never connects. Request for support has been generated to Parallels, who is investigating.

    Work-around discovered:
    From the iPad, I start Access to that remote Mac desktop computer (which is sitting at the MacOS user login screen), watch the iPad as the spinning spoke-wheel spins trying unsuccessfully to connect, tap "Disconnect", remove the app from the iPad's screen listing suspended apps (a double press of the iPad home button then swipe away the Access icon there), restart Access from the iPad home screen (which forces the app to login to my Parallels account again), then tap the icon for the remote Mac desktop machine. The spinning spoke-wheel shows it trying to connect, and in about a minute it does properly connect. This procedure is consistently repeatable.

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