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    Hi, my university is conducting an experiment that involves in font display on the Ipad Air. We are thinking of controlling the Ipad Air wirelessly with the mbp retina as a control panel. I just found out this program today and found it extremely helpful. I believe this could be useful for future experiments.

    So the main problem that we're having is with resolution. We're trying to make a person read a story through the ipad at a certain distance. While reading we are switching font size ranges from 12pt to 4pt. Even though the mbp and the ipad air is retina, the display is quite blurry. I know there is a retina function, but I don't think I am doing it right. So any suggestion, is this possible?

    Also last question, is it possible to display 4pt through the ipad air with good quality, for example the same quality as you are reading this text, or at least readable?


    Edit: i found a bit similar post. Sorry about that!
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