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    Just upgraded from PD3.0 to 6.0. One of the virtual machine we have is for Windows XP. We have not used it in a few months since upgrading to Snow Leopard since PD3.0 would not work on it. One of the things we had set up from XP was some subst commands that allowed us access to the OS X file system. For instance:

    subst f: \\X-Ys-Co\xy\directory

    where X-Ys-Co maps to X-Ys-Computer and xy is a user on X-Ys-Computer. Anyway, it would previously ask for the password for X-Ys-Computer and that any other paths underneath that would be allowed after the first one. (Actually, would run a Windows command that was located in the OS X disk space which would query us for the password, not the subst command, don't think it ever did that.)

    I see Parallels does this automatically nowadays (it may always have, I'm unclear why we did this, it may have been a bug we were trying to get around) and I see Parallels giving us 'psf' Y: and 'psf' Z:, unless we did that too though I don't recall those ever showing up in My Computer when we last used PD3.0 a few months ago.

    Anyway, what I'm asking it how to reset this up? I'm less concerned about doing this to get access to the local OS X drive since as mentioned it already has Y: and Z: pointing to it, but also other computers on our local network, and so, might as well get it working with the local OS X drive too anyway. Is there some setting that must be made only in Windows for such a "path" to work, or is there some Parallels setting which needs to be changed too and/or instead of.
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    Still curious how to obtain access to files "outside" the "Windows disk"?
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    Have you looked at : Sharing Folders and Disks in Help?

    You might get better (and more!) responses if your question is straightforward and succinct.
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    Thanks to this post,this is what I wanted to hear.Thumbs up![​IMG]

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