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    A lot of weird problems.
    I purchased Parallels Desktop for Mac for the first time in 2013. Since this time, I received each year an email to my usual inbox and I bought update until last year. Last year I bought a subscription for Parallels Desktop Pro for Mac. No problem...
    Until this year. I received an email which said that my number card was changed and I had to modify the number to pay the subscription.
    No problem, I click on the url and I was able to pay and received an email.

    BUT when I tried to login on parallels web, my password was refused. So I tried to ask for an email to change my password and never received this email. I searched in the inbox, in junk box, undesirable... Nothing. So I try to create an account (perhaps my account wasn't create ?). So ok, I create my account. But if I want to enter my license number, I read that this license is ever attributed.
    I always use the same email for my account so I don't understand how that's possible !

    Moreover, the email I received after I purchased contains url to complementaries informations on my purchase. I tried it... I'm on a web page where I can read "Téléchargement immédiat" but only to Parallels Desktop 12 that I owned from 2017 and in fact, all the page show me things about 2017 !!!!

    The reference of my purchase is 139415549, so if someone can help me, thank you !
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    Hi HuguesD1,
    We can see that your license is registered with "ipad.***". You can use that account and activate your license.

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