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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by gjlazar, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. gjlazar


    Has anyone gotten a X10 Active Home Pro CM15A interface to work under Parallels?
    It is a USB device and is supposed to pick up the computer's time automatically...for me it won't pick up the time. Then if I try to download timers and macros to the interface from the computer, it struggles for a few minutes, then windows crashes and no information gets downloaded to the interface. The Active Home software seems to run OK in Parallels and its window displays the correct computer time. Parallels detects the Active Home USB interface.
  2. quiddich


    No joy with build 3188

    I just tried to use AHP with build 3188 -- very slow downloads and error messages. I guess I'll go find a real windows box....
  3. varase


    Works fine in my Parallels WinXP machine (no Boot Camp - found it too buggy in Parallels).

    In my experience, it works provided you get your CM-15A stable, and don't install the driver that offers. I've rebuilt my WinXP system many times (attempting to get Boot Camp and Parallels to peacefully co-exist), and the only failure I can recall is when I installed that driver (prior to ActiveHome Pro install) which microsoft offered.

    Environment: iMac 17" Duo 2 Core/2048MB/512GB, 10.4.8 with all the latest patches, WinXP Pro SP 2 with all patches except IE 7.

    -- Verne

    P.S. Not to be insulting, but you DO have it enabled via Devices->USB->USB ActiveHome Interface, right :) ?

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