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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Tom W, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Tom W

    Tom W

    I've a external 500 Gb HDD that I've used Disk Utility to format it as MS-DOS file system (FAT32) that I would like to define as a HDD in Parallels.

    When I try to add a HDD using the configuration editor I get the options to add yet another virtual disk or to "use boot camp". I'm using Parallels because I don't want to use boot camp. The Help documentation is no help ...

    What am I missing?

    Oh, forgot. Build 4560. This build runs the video editing software I want and the later builds have problems with video drivers (and it will not run).
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  2. itsdapead


    If its an USB external disc then you don't need to change your VM configuration - just start Parallels & Windows, then on the Parallels menu bar, choose "Devices -> USB ->" (or click th USB icon under the Parallels window) and click on the entry for your disc drive - it will then show up as a removable drive under Windows.

    If its Firewire then your best bet is to set it up as a shared folder.
  3. Tom W

    Tom W

    Well, it's neither of those.

    It's an external SATA disk in a 5-drive enclosure run off a SATA PCI card. It doesn't show up even though I've told Parallels to share all Mac disks. I see the 4 internal disks from my Mac Pro, but not the external drives....

    Given all the problems I had trying to upgrade to Leopard, I decided to add enough disk space to make a complete copy of everything and have some space for "development" - try test the upgrade before I rolled it out (and keep my wife from trying to kill me). Unfortunately, the extra disk space does not appear to be available to make use of.
  4. Alicia

    Alicia Parallels Team


    as far as I understood, you want to use the capacity of that external HD, to make it available for Parallels and for Mac. So you can set up a shared folder and make the disk accessible for Parallels. For more information please see page 207 of the User Guide.
    Or if you need to make a second virtual hard disk for Parallels (another .hdd file), you have to make an image of this external HD and add it through the Configuration Editor. Thus, Parallels will have one more .hdd wich will be located on your external HD.

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