Add support for PCI passthrough (IOMMU / Intel VT-d)

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What kind of card would you use in guest OS if PCI passthrough were available in Parallels?

  1. GPU (Graphics card)

  2. non-GPU PCIe card

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  1. yoni

    yoni Bit Poster

    Hey guys,

    Support long-shot and I'm sure this is something you guys have probably already thought of, but what if graphics card passthrough could be implemented in parallels? Apparently the graphics card device on mac isn't directly accessible making things like vfio currently impossible to use, but maybe it's worth getting Apple involved for it? This basically solves the "gaming on mac" problem, and would be natively supported by Apple's adoption of eGPU's.

    Here's what vfio looks like (4 years ago):
    Link to discussion I tried to start:
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  2. VictorH6

    VictorH6 Bit Poster

    Ability to use PCI devices directly in guest operating systems would be great. Current macs can utilise Thunderbolt 3 ports to connect PCIe devices at 40 Gbps, but there is huge problem with drivers availability for the devices. Connecting devices directly to Windows guest and bypassing macOS would resolve the issue. In my particular case I would connect SAS card directly to Mac, rather then use 10GbE network connected to NAS with SAS card.

    Another usage scenario for IOMMU is gaming, as described in following request: . PCI passthrough would allow to assign GPU to virtual machine and use it (play games, use CAD software etc.) as if machine had this GPU attached directly in the system, with minimal performance penalty.

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