Advertising in paid version - I really DISLIKE this

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by tom27, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. tom27


    Honestly, I dislike that I need to "uncheck" product advertisements after launching my paid Parallels 6 version. I have NOT signed up or agreed for Parallels to send me unsolicited product offers through the internet! Maybe some buyers think this is an additional "benefit", but I don´t. I want to launch my VMs and NOT answer questions about product offers from 3rd parties. Guys, this really is a total no-go!
  2. mH2


    I too agree.
    I believe there was an option when I installed to accept a "trial" install of software. I opted OUT...
    Yet, on a future run I get re-requested to Install! yikes guys... it felt like a virus trying to get in...
    And Kasperskeys (spelling?) tags each file in a way that can bring your file system to a crawl -- No thank you.
  3. NikF


    I agree 100%. I find this advertising downright offensive. The same goes for persistently advertising products (Chrome, Kaspersky) in the menu. This is professional grade software, which I paid for, and which I also shelled out a few hundred dollars more for a Windows license.

    Any advertising should be on a purely opt-in basis -- such as what I get in the email newsletter. Clogging up the software with it makes it look shoddy, if not downright untrustworthy. If VMWare ever gets their act together and can provide comparable performance to ||s, I'll happily jump ship just so that I look more professional in front of clients.
  4. Peter Linsener

    Peter Linsener

    +1 , thats no the way it should be
  5. lnemo


    +1 from me.

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