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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Angelo Schneider, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Angelo Schneider

    Angelo Schneider

    Hi all!

    the virtualization is awesome fast. The PC "feels" faster than any PC I have ;D

    However: my Mac uses WiFi ... I had assumed somewhere the "emulator/virtualizer" would work as a NAT and simply route network access via the Mac (so that it is irrelevant how the Mac is connected). Well seems it works different ;D

    Anyway, my main concern is screen resolution!!! My virtualized PC only works with 640 x 480! Switching to 800 x 600 does not work, it always falls abck to the 640x480 resolution.

    I certainly WANT somethig like 1600x1280, and to use it on the build in screen of my MacBok Pro I would certainly WANT some odd resolution like 1280 * 870 (or what ever Virtual PC 6.0 is using)

    Finally a third glitch! Virtual PC has the option that the mousepointer seemlessly leaves the virtual PC window ... so I don't need to click "ctrl - alt", the key - combo should be configureable anyway as I have windows applications using it!!

    An other issues, likely tackeld by you anyway: Cut / Paste from Mac OS X to the PC.

    Thanx for letting me participate in the beta ;D I work with qemu (or the sucessor Q) currently ... but liked your product better!!

    Angelo Schneider
  2. bripirie


    Try installing the parallels drivers in Windows

    Once you do this, you get the same nice cursor behavior as Virtual PC did (notice use of past tense in any reference to Virtual PC :)

    Also, the parallels drivers includes a new video card driver. I've installed these, and have access to a wide variety of resolutions that all work perfectly for me.
  3. ppayne



    Yes, those drivers are important. Search for the driver volume and boot it as a CD ROM image. It would be nice if future versions featured options like "mount tools disk" in the menu so this was easier.
  4. jmaynard


    It's even easier: VM->Install Parallels Tools...

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