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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by alkalifly, Dec 27, 2006.

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    The recent betas of Parallels Desktop for Mac have implemented so many fabulous user-requested features, and, at least in my experience, have improved stability and overall performance. Well done, guys and gals of Parallels.

    Meanwhile, I have only one major request, but it is a biggie for me, and I imagine for many others as well: Please allow us to check "Enable access for assistive devices" in the Universal Access preference pane without negatively affecting parallels.

    There definitely seem to be some issuess regarding this, the most apparent being that Command+Tab no longer works to bring up the application switcher, but that is not hugely important to me. However, there definitely seem to be issues that arise with mouse control (especially mouse button clicks) while Parallels is running with this option checked.

    I run a small handful of applications that require this option to be checked for certain features to work. In the meantime, I am just switching the option on and off depending on whether I am running Parallels or the other applications, but it would be nice if I could have my cake and eat it too ;)

    I hope that compatibility with this option is something that will be possible to implement in a future upgrade, either free or paid (no doubt I will pay for any Parallels upgrades even if they don't implement this)
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    I second that motion! I run Parallels full-screen and use Virtuedesktop to switch between the Mac OS and Windows. I can't use typeit4me any more because it requires Assistive Devices to be checked. Please make me 100 percent happy, instead of just 99.9999.


    Mark Allison

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