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Discussion in 'Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by RicardoPa, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. RicardoPa


    In keeping with the Launchpad / iPad design of the app launcher, could you allow it to have pages that we can curate vs adding all apps to one page and overflowing?

    e.g. - id like one page with Mac apps, one for my Win 7 VM and one for WinXP. Since theres no obvious indicator from which VM the app comes this would simplify launching within unique VM and segregate apps accordingly.

    Maybe also add the VM name or allow a name on the page?
  2. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    I just suggested something like that in another thread on here. My idea was base the app list based on the VM name, for those who test apps under different OS versions it would make it easy.

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