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Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by Al_Q, Jun 28, 2007.

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    I want to get the UAE Amiga emulator running on my MacBook, so that my wife can use her favourite Solitaire Royale game. She has been in withdrawal since our Amiga 4000 died a few years ago. We have tracked down a disc image (must have been hard to create, because that game floppy had extreme copy protection) and we have a legitimate Kickstart ROM image.

    There is a WinUAE version for Windows, and there are X11-based versions for most Unix-like OSs including MacOS. I plan to install X11 and try the Mac version of UAE but in case I run into difficulties, plan B is to try either WinUAE or a Linux version under Parallels.

    Does anyone have experience running UAE or any other similar emulator for historic hardware under Parallels? Any hints for setup and configuration?
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    Native OSX UAE...


    go to for "E-UAE", an enhanced version of UAE, which is also available as native OSX binary. No X11 required. No Parallels, no Windows.

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