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  1. RobinS


    Hi all [No sarcastic comments to this please.. Valid question for me]

    Using Mac OS with Parallels 4 (not in Bootcamp) to run an image of our company common environment which uses Outlook 2003

    The question:

    How do I use Mac iTunes to sync music etc and have the ability to sync my Outlook contacts/calendar/notes (which is in Parallels) to my iPhone

    I see a lot in Google, but no definitive answer, that I can find

    1. In Mac iTunes I don;t see Outlook as an option
    2. Tried installing a windows copy of iTunes in Parallels (to use for Outlook sync) as well as the Mac one for music & media, but can't get the windows version of iTunes in Parallels to see the iPhone (despite ensuring it's checked under USB Devices and restarting the Apple and iPod services in Windows)

    Any constructive ideas on how to sync Outlook contacts would really be welcome (and before anyone asked I need to use Outlook 2003 and not Entourage etc)..., Don;t really want to re-enter them in Mac Address Book as I am currently doing

    All I find is a lot of confusing threads about this, surely there must be a way

    Thanks all
  2. Srinivasulu.V



    1. Make sure that iPhone device is connected to Parallels Desktop (iPhone is checked in the "USB devices" list under "Parallels Desktop menu - Devices - USB")
    2. Make sure that "iTunes Outlook Addin" is chosen in the "Tools - Options - Other - Advanced Options - COM Add-Ins" list in Outlook.
    3. Open iTunes, choose the "iPhone" at the "Device" list, choose the "Info tab" for iPhone. Make sure that the "Sync contacts from Oulook" and "Sync calendars from Outlook" checkboxes are selected.

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