Any one else having success like me?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Mac Pro 5GB, Oct 27, 2006.

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    I am always reading the forum and everyone's problems but ever since I have installed the 1940 build on my MacPro 5GB of ram with a lot of Mac programs and Windows programs I have never experienced a problem. My virtual machine stays on all of the time and works fine all of the time. Am I alone with my success or do people only come to the forum when they are having problems?
  2. Stevamundo


    I'm in the same boat with you. THANK GOD!!!!
  3. fbronner


    Me too, I have the same problem ;-)
  4. bgose


    I don't look at it as if people are complaning. I believe if people are taking the time to submit an error or try to fix the issues it shows how excited they are about the product. Everyone on these forums wants the product to succeed. I know I'm one of them!

    I'm simply amazed at what these Parallels guys have pulled off in such a short time with the new Intel stuff on Macs. I get frustrated just like everyone else, but it's because I NEED this program to work, and I need it to work properly NOW!

    My boss is a Mac nut so he bought me a $4000 MacPro setup and asked me to get my SolidWorks CAD program working on it, not an easy task with the instability of Boot-Cramp. Plus the whole office will be Macs soon, so I really need to interface using Mac programs like the rest of my co-workers.

    All this is to say I agree with you, I'm pleased, but I'm impatient. It just seems in this case, technology is moving too slowly for my needs, so I gripe.

    Maybe that's why there's so much percieved negativity on these threads.
  5. sagres


    No problems here

    I've installed Vista, Ubuntu and XP - all without a hitch on my MBPRO.... Great software.
  6. Miko


    Same here working is working, but many things are still not quite right.
    For example I have a 5gb macpro like you but i can only assign about 1.6gb to 1 VM at the time
    I can set up to 4gb in parallels but only 1.6gb to each vm so kind of defeats the point of assigning 4gb in first place :(
    Many , MANY USB devices are still not working.......there a thread on this forum about all of the usb devices that are reported not to work about 5 pages long.

    Apart of that is working good here but those problms need to be addressed or parallels is going to be useless

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