Any problems with build 1896.2?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rjgebis, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. rjgebis

    rjgebis Kilo Poster

    How many people are running it?
  2. verden


    I am running it. Didn't work with 3GB (no KPs). Working so far with 2GB.
  3. mikechadwick


    i'm using build 1896.2 - installed it today. much better than the last build i tried. Internet access is fine - haven't tried the shared folders yet.
    still problems with usb though - can't believe it after all this time. USB printer won't install, Active Sync won't connect etc.
    Luckily I only have to use Windows for a few office programs and some ebay stuff so I can live with the limitations. Proper USB 2.0 support would be great though!
  4. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Bit Poster

    I was okay until I installed the 53 Windows security updates and tried to reboot Windows. I got an apparent Parallels crash (froze, had to force-quit.) I was okay after the reboot, but then I installed the Parallels tools and now I'm getting the spinning beachball whenever I try to start Windows. My system comes to a crawl, Parallels won't force-quit, and I have to force reboot the Mac.

    But no kernel panics.

    Mac Pro 2.66Ghz, 3 GB RAM
  5. kgregc


    I'm running it on my 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1Gb iMac with very good results. All seems to work well including a shared folder. It's very cool!
  6. rjgebis

    rjgebis Kilo Poster

    Installed myself few couple hous ago myself

    An no problems so far. Everything works great. I only use USB stick so this is most I use from USB stuff. Keep up a great work guys
  7. SiskoKid


    Everything was working fine until I tried installing Parallels Tools, and it choked.

    - Mac Pro
    - ATI x1900 XT
    - 2GB RAM
    - Windows XP SP2 Install

    Now, no matter what I do after restart, it won't load up the Windows operating system. I have uninstalled Parallels, and I will try again later tonight when I have some time.

    Things that were fixed:

    - No kernel panics
    - No vTX issues

    Things not fixed:

    - Still freezes up system
    - Parallel Tool installation seems to cause issues

    That's it so far. Is there a way to install parallel tools without doing it through Parallels software? Maybe download a file and install it ourselves?

    That's it so far. Will report later on with anymore issues.
  8. akac


    Its working OK for me. My two biggest issues are:

    1) Shared folders. When I copy stuff to the Mac through shared folders, I get very funky $DATA files alongside the real files.

    2) Whereas ActiveSync/USB worked GREAT in the first beta and I think the RC1, its not working at all for me in this build.
  9. Fireguy


    Better Progress, bit not Home free

    1896.2 finally allowed me to complete an install. No more freeze or "can't see Hypervisor" issues. Windows XP, SP2 loaded great, internet was good. Increased screen reso no problem. Went to load tools and crashed the USB service, no keyboard or mouse in windows. Reset no good, will have to start fresh from scratch...:(

    MacPro 2.66, 2GB of Aple RAM, new X1900 video card, 30" Cinema Display.
  10. SiskoKid


    I've installed Windows three times. It lets me install and lets me get into Windows, once in there, it crashed twice right when I tried installing Parallels Tools and then the third time I decided not to install Parallel Tools and after a few minutes it crashed anyway.

    Once it crashes, I get the beach ball and it basically crashes my system and I have to force restart. Once I get back into OS X, I press the green arrow to start the system, but it crashes my system yet again before I can even see the Windows load up screen.

    I think my issue may be that I have the ATI card. Have the developers gotten one to test on yet?

    Anyway, here are my specs one more time I'll add a couple other things in case those might be the issues:

    Mac Pro
    2 GB Ram
    ATI x1900XT
    Bluetooth Apple Keyboard and Apple
    Apple Airport/Bluetooth hardware
    Connected to internet through ethernet wired port
    Dual screen setup 24" monitors

    That's all I can think of that might be affecting Parallels. So, ya, any updates from the developers on if they got ATI cards yet and if that might be the issue would be cool.

    Good luck!
  11. Brian C. Stradale

    Brian C. Stradale

    I just installed it, Windows XP Pro SP2, Parallel Tools, BitDefender, Visual Studio 2005, Office Pro 2003, Visio Pro 2003... and all the various updates along the way... not a single glitch so far. [sound of knocking on wood]
  12. akac


    Since under 1896.2 no USB device is working, I'm going back to the 84 RC build.
  13. climac


    Well 1896.2 finally allowed me to install XP on my iMac Core 2 Duo but I can't get on the internet. I'm not sure I'm doing it right but I still can't get on. Is there an easy way to get on the internet? Thanks.

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