Anyone running Altium & Windows 10 (on M1)

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DavidE7, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. CaryD1

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    Sometimes I think I should run an Blog on running a consulting company on a Mac in a PC Tools World.

    Shutdown Windows in your virtual machine. It need to be off to reboot with the new settings.

    Chose your Virtual Machine you want to make changes for.
    Right Click on the Virtual Machine in the Control Center
    Go to CONFIGURE > GENERAL > CONFIGURE FOR: select Games Only

    Select Games Only

    Choosing "Design" may work, I may have tried it in the past, I don't remember, I use GAMES ONLY.
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  2. CaryD1

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    Everyone, this is what I have for a setup. May as well document this since Apple is doing their own silicone this will be a lost art in 5 years. ( Well, with Wintel, who knows if many of these tools will be recompiled for ARM based Windows. )

    MacBook Pro ( I have used 15" and 16" )
    Thunderbolt Hub ( Caldigit )
    ( Engineering Software Dongle Keys can sit there all the time. )​
    34" LG UltaWidescreen Monitor
    ( My theory is one big monitor, may be a bit costlier, but then you have the same brightness, color temperature, no break in the middle and clean use. I never liked the experience Parallels and Windows could give when running a virtual machine on a Mac. This makes it super clean and intuitive. )​
    Bluetooth Mouse
    ( I don't like Apple Mice, they are just too heavy for heavy CAD use and they are overly sensitive to determine a swipe versus a scroll as an example. )​
    Magic Pad
    ( Yes, it is blowing $100, but it makes a nice "swipe" between the Parallels Windows virtual machine and the MacOS and it is always handy for zooming and other tasks. )​
    Microsoft OneDrive
    ( Run OneDrive on the Mac. Don't run it in Windows, you duplicate drive space and the processing. OneDrive is a resource hog at times. Setup Parallels for Shared Drives and then set Windows to access your drive on the Mac. Save and access everything on that Drive which is technically your Mac's drive. Whenever anything is saved or modified to the OneDrive in Windows even though Windows doesn't know this the OneDrive is updated in the MacOS behind the scenes. )​

    With that setup above my Parallels Virtual Machine Image is less than 150GB. It is easily backed up in a TimeMachine backup. All data is automatically backed up to the cloud in Microsoft OneDrive and again gets saved in a TimeMachine backup.

    That simple virtual machine image backed up to TimeMachine has saved my butt many times. We take it for granted that things will work well in the Mac OS. But, as much as Microsoft tries, I have had BlueScreen failures a few times where Windows butchered itself and a 5 minute reload from a TimeMachine backup saved what would have taken two days of Microsoft Windows re-install along with all the software.

    I have had a lot of success using this. The only software that seemed glutinous to use was SolidWorks.

  3. JonathanD7

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    Excellent -- the Parallels "Games Only" configuration seems to clear up my frequent Altium crash problems. I'm successfully running Altium version 21.0.8.
  4. Mikolajjj

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    CaryD1 thank you as well! Setting Parallels for "Games Only" also fixed issues with my Altium instance (20.2.5) where schematic/PCB windows weren't refreshing.
  5. DavidE7

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    so.. anyone running altium on M1 silicon?
  6. Hi, if you have any issues please collect the tech report once the issue reoccurs and post the report's ID here.
  7. JayB11

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    Yes, I am and it is running well with the VM set to Design. I had left the VM set to productivity and it was quite the dog.

    Mac Studio with M1 Ultra and 64 GB of RAM.
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  8. DavidE7

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    @Maria@Parallels, what explains the difference between design and productivity?

    also wonder why the mouse zooming, scrolling is such an issue in Windows/Altium regardless of settings.
    it's like sub 10Hz update-rate and extremely hard to control when zooming in & out.

    changing to game setting under mouse makes it better but then it jumps around sporadically instead
    and screenshots cmd-shift-4 from mac doesn't work anymore
  9. DavidE7

    DavidE7 Member

    ping, still issue with latest version and win11

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