Apple ID login in macOS guest OS

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by JonC8, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. UlfertG

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    Found this thread after researching why I can't log in.
    At least now I know I can stop looking for a solution. And that I don't need to renew my subscription for now because w/o this function this software is of no use for me rn.
    Hope this gets sorted eventually and info about it gets posted here.
  2. PaulH44

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    Lot of ire aimed at Parallels here for something that Apple did. May still be true that without Apple ID signin capability, the usefulness of Parallels is diminished. But Apple specifically blocked Apple ID signin in virtualized environments, it was a conscious and intentional decision on their part, and it affects anything using the virtualization framework on Apple Silicon. It's Apple that needs to be convinced, Parallels is waiting for this just like the rest of us are. So stomping around blustering at Parallels may make you feel better, but it's entirely pointless. Stomping around and blustering at Apple would at least be blustering in the right direction.
  3. oztrev

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    Sorry, Apple didn't use a misleading and deceptive product description for Parallels on Apple Silicon, Parallels did. (And it's not just the inability to use an Apple ID... the product is missing most of the features the Intel version has.)
  4. PhilipP8

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    @PaulH44 I fully agree. It's not up to Parallels to be "waiting for this just like the rest of us are". Either they get busy working with Apple on a solution OR they change the way they advertise and sell their product. After all, it is currently being sold with some misleading advertising and only by diving into their knowledge base articles one can find out that a number of those advertised promises are not working ...
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  5. KevinD15


    Would be great to get someone from Parallels to post an update here or let us know where things stand. This along with the ability to create Linked Clone on a Guest MacOS VM is still not possible on M1. I am holding on to my Intel MacBook and a second Parallels subscription just for this use case. Very disappointed in Parallels.

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