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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by LawrenceDHare, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. LawrenceDHare


    In the root of my Mac I have a folder named "Applications" for the Mac apps and a folder named "Applications (Parallels)" for, I assume, Parallels applications; but how does this folder relate to "Programs" when running XP under Parallels? I downloaded two exe files which I can launch and which fire up Parallels and run fine. I would like them in my quick launch bar however. I copied the files into the "Applications (Parallels)" folder but cannot find them anywhere when running XP under Parallels.

    Does anyone know the relationship of these files and where I should stuff these programs?

    Thanks - Lawrence
  2. STim

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    Basically, Parallels Desktop "Applications (Parallels)" folder copies the structure of Windows' start menu.

    So if you want some Windows program appear in this folder, you need to add this program to start menu in Windows. This Microsoft KB article can help you doing this:

    After the program is added, restart your windows to have Parallels Desktop rebuild the Applications (Parallels) folder in Mac.

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