Applications run as administrator do not see the drive shared with OSX

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    On my machine, the `Z:` disk is shared between Windows and OSX through Parallels.
    If I run PowerShell without administrator privileges and do this:

    PS C:\Windows\system32> Z:

    Then I will be redirected successfully to the `Z:` drive.

    However, If I run PowerShell WITH administrator privileges and try this:

    PS C:\Windows\system32> Z:

    I get this error:

    Set-Location : Cannot find drive. A drive with the name 'Z' does not exist.
    At line:1 char:1
    + Set-Location $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (Z:String) [Set-Location], DriveNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DriveNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetLocationCommand

    Similarly, Visual Studio 2017 and Command Prompt, when ran with administrator privileges can not see the shared disk `Z:`.

    Why is that? How can I access the `Z:` drive when I run the code as an administrator?

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