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  1. MartinL34

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    Hi there,

    For about an hour now I'm desperately looking for a solution to type a @ on my Swiss German MacBookPro in Parallels... I've tried all possible combinations of option + key, option+control+key even with shift, but no @ appears anywhere! What can I do?

    Thanks, Martin
  2. Ashley Chumun

    Ashley Chumun Staff Member

    Dear Martin,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    For us to better understand the issue, please, perform the following steps:
    1. Launch your Virtual Machine > Click on the Windows start icon > type Language settings and press enter > Next to your Language, select the 3 dots on the right.

    2. Select "Language Options" > Down below you will see all the keyboards that are currently installed.
    3. Please check if you have a keyboard layout that ends with "-Parallels".
    e.g on my mac I have the keyboard "French-Numerical" installed. To use the same layout in my Windows 11 virtual machine I need to set the keyboard layout as "French (Numerical, Apple) - Parallels".
    4. If the keyboard installed inside your Windows virtual machine doesn't have the "- Parallels" extension > Click on Add a keyboard > Select the One that is currently installed on your mac along with the Parallels extension.
    5. Press the Option+Shift button to switch to the Parallels Keyboard layout inside the virtual machine > check if this resolves your issue.

    If the issue persists, for further investigation, kindly provide us with the following information:
    a. Start the Mac On-Screen keyboard (open Spotlight > type On-Screen keyboard) and take a screenshot with pressed Shift.
    b. Start the On-Screen keyboard inside your virtual machine and take a screenshot with pressed Shift.
    c. From your mac > Click on Apple Icon on Top left corner > Click on "System Preferences" > Choose "Input Sources" (Take a screenshot)
    d. From your Windows Virtual Machine > Click on start button > Type "Language settings" > Click on the 3 dots next to the preferred language > Language options (Take screenshot)

    Thank you!

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