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    Announcing the Plesk Online Support Ticketing System.

    (All Plesk, Inc. support request’s are to be done securely online and tracked for timely response.)

    In an effort to continue Plesk's tradition of exceptional support we are proud to announce our Online Server Support System. Enter your support request securely online and have it sent to Plesk encrypted for safety. Once your information is submitted you will receive a unique PTN number. (Plesk Tracking Number) Using this number will help us to track your issue to a timely completion.

    The system is secured by SSL so that you can enter your information in privacy. When the request is submitted Plesk uses a special PGP encryption key and emails your request information to our support team. Only Plesk, Inc. has the key to unlock the information for viewing. Now you can quickly and securely send vital private server information directly to our Technical Support Staff. Once received it is dated and issued a Plesk Tracking Number (PTN) and then tracked to its completion. Please use this form for all new support requests.

    To access our secure Server Support System login to https://www.plesk.com/support/server_service_form/ or select the Online Server Support section under SUPPORT on our website.

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