Audio Stuttering/Crackling In Vista Parallels Virtual Machine

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by altair, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. altair

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    So im using the latest version of Parallels on my Macbook Pro 2.33ghz [fully updated to latest OS 10.4.9] and i have problems with Audio in Vista. The audio stutters and crackles alot thus making listening to music etc impossible. Im not using Bootcamp or anything like that...all i did was create a Vista virtual machine and then Parallels did all the installing etc. I remember reading that this was a problem with parallels on XP...but i figured they must have sorted out the problem a long time ago :confused: aparantley not.

    Does anyone have any solution on how to get the audio working properly ?

    I also have an issue where my macbooks built in Isight doesnt appear in Vista or when i try and setup webcam in Windows Live Messenger...its as if it doesnt exist. Is this normal, is it not possible to have the isight webcam work within my Vista Virtual Machine ?

    What would happen if i installed the latest drivers from the Bootcamp Driver CD i once made ? Im not using bootcamp at all but i figure that the drivers on the disc might get the audio and isight working ?

    Any help would really be appreciated :)

  2. _Alain_

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    Ashlar Cobalt

    Ashlar Cobalt v7 SP 2 does work pretty well under windows xp in versions lower than 3.0 but not in the 3.0 with the parallels video driver. Some needed constructions lines do not appear in the editor window and makes it unable to work with cobalt unless you uninstall the parallels video driver and using the standard vga driver of windows.
  3. Rachel Faith

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    The problems with the video driver are systemic and well documented by many users. Oddly uninstalling it seems to fix the problems even though it shouldn't work that way.

    As for the audio problem... I dunno... could that be anything to do with Vista's assinine copy protection stuff? I confess I do not and will not ever use vista for anything. LOL
  4. DesertFalcon

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    I am using the a MacBook Pro 17 with the 2.33 Mhz processor and have the same problem. I upgraded to 3.0 because I thought they had solved the problem with this version. I am disapointed in the upgrade because of a few problems:

    1. The Audio playback in Vista is unacceptable.

    2. The Video setup required several hours of searching for why the video reverted to 640x480 from the, "Virtual Window" to "Vista Full Screen." Turns out that need to go back and reset your desired video settings, on the Mac side, to re-educate Vista.

    3. The Parallel Tools function is very confusing on the "install." I kept looking for new menu functions on the "Parallels Toolbar." The software would tell me that the "Tools" were finished with installation but I couldn't find the "Tools." And, the menu would still show the "Install Parallel Tools" option. Very confusing!

    It turns out that "Parallel Tools" is added to the "Start Menu" area in "Vista."

    I hope the company reads this area for feedback.
    These are the areas for improvement that need attention by the programmers.

    A little more user friendlyness, on the setup end, via popup windows would be very helpful to the New user.

    DesertFalcon - Professional Pilot
  5. MSPhil

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    I know that your question isn't related to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking or microphone quality but you might find the following thread useful in solving your problem. I was having trouble with the sound on my USB headset, it was breaking up and distorting, and microphone quality in DNS, and following the instructions on this thread cured the problem. It worked for me so I hope it works for you.

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