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    I'm testing Parallel Access on my Android phone (Samsung Note 3) and can't find how to direct audio from desktop to phone. Before I purchase I'd like to confirm this works. Is there something extra that has to be done on the phone App setup to enable audio in/out?
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    Another Audio Question

    I'm testing out the trial version of Parallels Access on my Iphone 5, and noticed that when I run the Parallels Access app, the Iphone music (whether it is cloud-based streaming or local itunes) stops playing. Is there a way to continue playing my Iphone music? I know the question is different from the original posters...but it's related enough I didn't want to start a new thread. Thanks.
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    Due to some licensing issues, many loyal users of what's arguably the best video player for Android sooner or later find out that the sound in the movies they just loaded for that long-haul flight wouldn't play in MX Player.

    We are talking AC3, MLP, DTS or Dolby here, which usually means that if you load a high-res, high-quality container with your favorite TV series, you might be unpleasantly surprised that the sound won't play mid-air, when you don't have access to the Play Store to get an alternative like VLC or KMPlayer.

    Moreover, why would you have to give up the amazing MX Player for such a small nuisance? The thing is, you don't, and here is what you have to do to restore full audio codec support with MX Player on your Android device, courtesy of XDA-Dev senior member ktsamy.
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