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    Currently, users have to know the RAS server address to connect or, alternatively, wait for the admin to send the invite mail to have their client configured.

    It would be much nicer to rely on user's email address to find the server and configure it. Just like Microsoft Exchange does or even Citrix.

    It is also quite simple to achieve this:
    - Admin configures a DNS SRV record at the DNS server
    - When user clicks "Add Server" at the Client he is asked for the email or the server address.
    - If user enters an email, say user@domain.local, the Client does a DNS query for a SRV record named _parallelsras._tcp.domain.local (domain.local is the email domain entered), and DNS would answer with the ras hostname and port. This is a standard feature of DNS.
    - Client would then use this information to connect.

    If you also want to send special settings like the connection mode, you could also rely on DNS.
    Some examples I can think of:
    1. query for _parallelesras_<method>._tcp.domain.local and if you get an answer, use that method. Example is to query for _parallelsras_direct._tcp.domain.local and _parallelsras_sslgw._tcp.domain.local . If only sslgw get's an answer, use Gateway SSL.
    2. use a DNS TXT record where you put all the information required

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  2. Yury Averkiev

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    thank you for the excellent suggestion! we will consider it.
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    That would be really cool!

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