Auto. move pointer to default button in dialog?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by griffdb, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. griffdb

    griffdb Bit Poster

    In Windows XP SP 3, in the Mouse Properties dialog, in the Pointer Options tab, there is the check box for the "Snap To" function that will "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box".

    Does the Parallels architecture support that function/option?

    If so, how can I get it enabled?


  2. SuperMatt


    I also would like to know if there's some way to get this feature to work. I have a user who is switching from PC to Mac. She loves some old PC apps (WordPerfect and Quicken from 2002) but I didn't know that she was addicted to the snap-to dialog box feature. So now she's upset that the mouse no longer snaps to her dialog box selection. I'd love to get this back for her...
  3. SuperMatt


    Snap-to Dialog box

    I also would like to enable this feature. I have it turned on in the Windows "mouse" control panel. However, in convergence mode at least, it won't jump to the dialog box. I have a user who just switched from Mac to PC, and doesn't want to give up her WordPerfect version from 2002. So, she's freaking out that this snap-to dialog box no longer works the way it used to. I had no clue she used this feature until she got the new computer...
  4. jesseoff


    Similar problem here -- a CAD package we use makes use of mouse cursor snapping and it is completely useless in Parallels. The X,Y location menubar changes when the snap occurs, but the cursor does not redraw at the new location.
  5. Yogibaer


    SnapTo feature - Disable SmartMouse

    ... disable "SmartMouse" in configuration menu and everything is working fine. Works for me for PD6 and PD7
  6. willibro


    Yes, disabling "Smart Mouse" in the VM configuration does restore the Windows snap-to functionality. Unfortunately, it also disables Coherence mode, and you must press Ctrl-Alt to free the cursor in other modes. I wish there were a better alternative; snap-to functionality is very important for productivity in Windows environments.
  7. wycliffe


    Sadly, I brought this up many moons ago - October of 2007 and was promised it would be made available in the next Parallels update/version.

    Well, I am still waiting Parallels.

    I use my Mac with two screens - Windows on the laptop and Apple on the external monitor. Disabling Smart Mouse requires you to press Option/Command to move from one operating environment to another. Hardly a fix.

    Come on Parallels, I mean seriously, how long are you going to let this remain an issue.
  8. TikkanaA

    TikkanaA Bit Poster

    I have the same issue. Have been missing this feature "snap to default selection" ever since I am using Parallels.
    Does anyone know if this is fixed in Prallelels 7 ? (I am on Parallels 6)

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